Edmund Pearson, Account Development Manager, Blue Yonder GmbH

I approached Alison at the very beginning of my job search. It had been sometime since my last search and I was adamant that my next move would be significant; a great situation to be in but which came with it’s own challenges.

Alison has an exceptionally efficient and logical approach, driving into areas such as identifying genuine motivators, personal goals, professional goals (which are more often than not, very closely linked) and mind-set (did I want a job right now or the right job). She is direct and uncluttered, which encouraged me to be focussed and rigorous with my decisions, enabling me to restructure my approach, making it highly efficient. Equally, it helped me to whittle down the particular type of role, industry and culture that would be an effective fit for me and my skill-set.

Regarding the CV and interviewing, we went right back to basics; for example, I ensured I highlighted my achievements and aims whilst leaving enough to talk about in the interview. Our discussions over interview techniques were equally invaluable, taking the whole process down to its constituent parts and providing various, new approaches.

Alison helped me to break my search and goals right down and then re-structure my approach. Alison’s continued coaching, post-securing a new role, will prove to be invaluable.

Regardless of position in ones career – age, seniority, continuation of career, considering a complete change, etc. – I would strongly recommend engaging Alison.