Core Values

With honesty, creativity, objectivity and desire to affect lasting personal and professional development, Alison embraces her responsibility to contribute to a world where everyone can flourish. These are the values and commitments intrinsic to Alison; they underpin her relationships with everyone and every business she engages with and define who she is and how she works.


Honesty and Integrity

Developing trusted relationships that deliver success requires all stakeholders to be transparent, truthful and ethical in all interactions. Doing the right thing means understanding your business needs; being balanced and collaborative in approach; challenging accepted wisdoms; and offering bespoke solutions. It means treating each and every commitment as a promise, and being accountable for each and every action.

Trust and Confidentiality

In a practice built on the principles of helping people to overcome their fears and achieve their full potential, confidentiality is essential. An approach centred on the best interests of  organisations, leaders and executives requires the safeguarding of private and commercially sensitive information. That promise is at the core of developing relations which strengthen the trust and confidence between all stakeholders.

Equality and empowerment

People drive performance across a business.  In today’s diverse society, finding and developing the best talent means instilling in everyone the belief that they are truly valued and have the opportunity to actively shape the growth of your business, without barriers. Embracing a multi-national, multi-generational culture cultivates a socially-conscious environment where everyone can collaborate and succeed.