Leadership Programme



Talent Identification

Phase 1 of the programme identifies the talent gaps that are critical blocks to your strategy, defines the leadership competencies needed and creates bespoke metrics to objectively measure current capabilities and behaviours. The talent audit identifies your HiPos.  A full suite of tools, including MBTI, Hogan Assessment, DISC/Thomas International, SHL OPQ32 and MRG 360, provides individual assessments of each leader’s strengths and weaknesses.




Building better leaders

Phase 2 provides collaborative single and multi-day workshops to develop core skills and competencies within your leaders. Cross-functional, cross-generational, cross-cultural groups fast-track development, supported by individual programmes and executive coaching to target specific development goals. Individual leadership action plans to build resilience among emerging leaders and high potential candidates.


Benefits to your business

The programme delivers effective leaders with core competencies, skills and behaviours aligned to the business strategy, leaders who inspire results-driven and fully engaged teams focused on performance. Protecting business investment and reducing recruitment costs, the programme encourages leadership mobility, allowing greater business flexibility and opportunity for HiPos ready to satisfy your talent needs today and tomorrow.